Enabling NFC Markers

When you receive the marketing collateral package with the Bbot NFC tags, take each tag out individually to configure.

Note: If your phone does not support NFC tag reading you will have to install and use 'Decode' or another third party NFC tag reading app. You may delete the app after you have finished configuring your NFC tags.

1. Make sure your phone is unlocked, Apple/Google pay are not currently being used, the camera is not currently being used, and airplane mode is off  

2. Place your phone on an NFC marker to scan it. You may have to move your phone around slightly until it picks up the NFC tag (usually the top of the phone to the center of the marker works best).

3. Tap on the pop up that appears on your phone. Note that this will appear differently depending on your phone.

4. If you are not logged in to the Owner Panel you will see the screen below. If you see this page tap the double squares in the lower right corner to open a new tab and log in to the Bbot Owner Panel. You should be logged in to your phone's native browser (the same one that the NFC link opens in) and ensure that you are not in private/incognito browsing mode. Once you are logged in try placing your phone on the marker again.

5. When you re logged in to the Owner Panel you will see this screen:

6. Enter the domain name (your custom ordering URL) and the location code for this marker (this should be listed on the marker).
Note: Input the URL without the www. (ie. instead of  www.bbot.menu, just enter bbot.menu). 
Double check this information is correct before you submit! If you accidentally enter any information incorrectly you can contact support@bbot.menu

For example, if your custom domain is "avanti.menu" and your location code is "pickup" you would enter:

Please be sure to enter your correct custom domain.  A common error is to leave the default "bbot.menu" URL and to then use a common location code (such as "pickup") that is in use on the default "bbot.menu" website, which causes the location marker to point to the wrong location/menu.

7. If you see the following (with your custom domain instead of avanti.menu), the location marker was successfully associated with the specific custom domain and location code.
8. If you instead see the following (but instead with the domain and location code that you entered), then the location marker was not successfully linked.  Pleas verify that the domain and location code were entered correctly.  If they are correct and you still get the error message, please verify in the owner panel that you actually have that location configured.  If you are still having trouble, please contact Bbot support.
9. Repeat these steps for each marker (you do not have to log in again each time). 
Note: You also have the ability to unlink and NFC tag, from the tag programming page. You click the 'Unlink an NFC tag' button and then scan the tag that was linked wrong. 

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