Turn Bbot On/Off from the Tablet

By default Bbot is set to turn on when your venue opens and turn off when it closes. We generally recommend leaving it on this setting to ensure guests can order when they should be able to and cannot when they shouldn't be able to. In rare circumstances you may want to enable/disable ordering from the web terminal. You can manually change this setting by tapping on the 'Order Control' tab at the bottom of the screen.

At the top of the 'Order Contol' screen you can see the 'Allow Order' status of ordering at this venue. If your venue is currently open this should appear 'Determined by Schedule (On Now)'. 

If you want to manually change this on the web terminal click into the 'Allow Ordering' section and the following three options will display. Note that if you manually change these to 'Force On' of 'Force Off' you will need to go back in and change them back manually when you want them back on the 'Auto (Determined by Schedule)'.

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