86ing Items from the Tablet

The fastest and most convenient way to mark an item out-of-stock is to 86 it in your Bbot Terminal. To do so, navigate to your Menu screen

The 'Menu' screen will show a list of all the Menu Items and Modifiers at your venue. In the top bar, you can search by Menu Item/Modifier name or filter by item type

Simply click or tap the green bar to the right of an item to toggle between in stock and out of stock

In the below example, the Allagash White is in stock and the Americano is out of stock (86'd) 

Please note that items will remain in or out of stock until you manually toggle them to a different status.

**If you have a Toast integration, Menu Items should be 86'd in Toast. If items are only 86'd in Bbot, the automatic Toast sync will override these changes made only in Bbot.

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