Frequently Asked Questions

What is #smartordering?

Meet the newest member of your waitstaff! Bbot is a mobile ordering platform for the hospitality industry. Designed and built for restaurants just like yours. Deliver amazing guest experiences more efficiently.
Do my guests have to download an app?

Absolutely not! These days, people want to minimize the number of apps on their phones. Bbot is a web-based platform where guests can order, pay, and tip.
No App. No Sign-Up.

What if I already use an existing POS?

Bbot currently integrates with Toast, Aloha, and Micros, with other integrations on the way. In 2019, we launched an end-to-end POS solution (with a handheld device for servers) that integrates seamlessly with mobile ordering.

What if my guest doesn’t know how to use a smartphone?

Most guests love using their phones to order. For those who don’t, we are currently in development of a server handheld that allows servers to place guest orders and take cards tableside.

What will you do with my customer’s phone data?

Bbot allows guests to order, pay and tip without giving away personal information. However, for guests that sign-up to start tabs and/or get electronic receipts, you will have access to their information for marketing purposes. Bbot does not send unsolicited messages to your guests.

Does Bbot handle delivery?

Yes, as long as you have your own drivers, or are using one of our driver network partners (i.e. Bbot also supports order ahead for take-out.

How long does it take to get started?

After we have received all the checklist items and the initial invoice payment, you should expect to be up and running within four (4) weeks. 

What is the guest experience like, and how can I explain Bbot to my guests?

We've put together a three-part guide to help you understand the Bbot guest experience and educate your guests on what to expect, should they have questions.