How to Add a Payment Method

In the Bbot Owner Panel, you can add the credit card or bank account that you want us to use for the monthly subscription of housing and maintaining your personalized site, as well as other associated costs, such as delivery fees.

Navigate to 'Payouts & Billing' under the 'Financials' section of your Bbot Owner Panel.

From here you can access the 'Payment Method' section

You will have the option to add a Payment Source in three different ways:

1. Credit Card

Enter your credit card information and click ‘Save’.

2. Bank Account via Micro Transaction Verification

Enter your Full Name, Routing and Bank Account Numbers, and Account Type, and click ‘Save’.

This will immediately save as an Unverified Payment Method and cannot yet be used as a Primary Payment Method. To verify a payment method, click on the payment method. This should expand the box to show two buttons: 'Delete payment method' and 'Verify'. Click the "Verify" button. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the verification process. Note: This is the only payment method that requires verification.

3. Bank Account via Plaid

Once you click ‘Link Bank Account’ you will be prompted to enter your bank details via the Plaid Platform. 

After you have successfully added a Primary Payment Method, you will be able to view it from the ‘Connect Payment’ page.

You have the option to connect multiple Payment Methods, but you can only select one to be the Primary Payment Method. If at any point you’d like to change or delete your Primary Payment Method, you can do so by clicking it and selecting the desired option.

Please view this page If you have any questions or concerns about Plaid Security, or reach out to