Emailing a Receipt From the Owner Panel

When guests order on Bbot, they will be given the option to email themselves a receipt. However, you still may find it necessary to occasionally send a receipt to a guest manually. This can be accomplished in the Owner Panel.

1. After logging into the Owner Panel, select 'Past Orders' in the 'Financials' sections.

You can click the Go button to view all recent orders, or enter some information about the order to narrow down the search results (order number, last four digits of the credit card, etc). Note: by default, it only searches the last 30 days. To search farther back in time, change the "Days in Past" field to something like 999. 

If you get no results, try leaving out some information. If the guest told you the wrong credit card info, often you can still find the order by viewing all orders in the past 30 days and finding the correct date and dollar amount.

When you find the order you're looking for, click it and then click 'Email Receipt'.

4. After you enter the email address, click on 'Email Receipt'.

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