Adding/Editing an Employee

In the Bbot Owner Panel, you have the ability to manage employee accounts. 

1. From the main menu, click on the 'Employees' tab to add, edit, or delete employees.

2. If you are part of a chain of restaurants that your employee works across, your employee's info can only be changed/edited on the account it was first created.

2a. - You will receive a prompt and a link to which account they were first created on. If they are not on an account yet you can link them to that account. This will carry over their login/pin info.

3.  To add an employee, click on the blue plus sign on the top right.

4. Enter the first and last name, email address, pin number (used to login to Bbot's tablet), and select the most appropriate title from the dropdown list provided. Click save.

5. When a new employee is added, an email containing a link to set their password is automatically sent to the email address on file. 

Employee Levels:

  • Bartender/Server: Bartenders and servers have the same level equivalent; they are able to log into the Bbot tablet and move orders forward in the workflow process as well as search previous orders.
  • Manager: Managers will have the same capabilities as servers and bartenders, but do have a few additions. Managers are able to refund orders, move orders backwards in the workflow process, log into the owner panel, and change payment method in the owner panel.
  • Owner: Owners have all the functions of a manager with one addition: owners are able to change, add, or remove the Stripe account in the owner panel.

6. Automatic Reports - You can opt in to receive Daily or Weekly copies of the Sales by Category, Sales by Item, or Tip Report. or Daily, Weekly, or Monthly copies of the Accounting & Transfers Report by selecting the corresponding boxes:

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