Adding a Menu Item

Int the Bbot Owner Panel, navigate to the 'Menus' option under the 'Menu Management' section.

You will then be able to select the 'Menu Items' tab at the top of the page.

To add a new menu item, click on the blue plus sign on the top right. 

1. Choose the item type (drink or food). 

2. Select the menu(s) the item should appear on, the menu heading (appetizer, snack, entree, draft beer, etc.), the item display name (what the guest will see), and add a description and price. If you select "Most Loved" this item will be highlighted at the top of your menu (within its Heading).

3. Choose the report category (should populate on its own with the item display name, but check that it's correct). You can leave the Sku field blank unless you know that your system requires it.

4. Make sure 'in stock' is checked, and choose the fulfillment station. 

5. Now just click save!

For a more detailed description of Menu Item options see Editing a Single Menu Item

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