Assign Tips To Server

Bbot offers your team the ability to assign orders to specific bartenders, servers, or food runners. When an order is assigned to a specific employee the tips for that order will then be attributed to that server. This s a great way to incorporate Bbot into your business without having to really on a tip pull for your staff.

In order for a staff member to be assigned to an order they will first need to sign into the Bbot Terminal. To sign in they will need to tap on the user icon in the top right corner of the Bbot Terminal. 

In some case, you may want to have a generic user account for a staff member to pin in with. For instance, if you have three bartenders working on the same bar and they are pulling the tips specifically for the bartenders, they can all use the same user pin to streamline their workflow. 

Once the staff member has pinned in, they can assign orders to themselves from that device.

There are several different ways that an order can be assigned to a specific Staff member.
The first way that a staff member can be assigned is by the staff member placing the order for the guest on the device that they are pinned in on.

This is a great way for Servers and Bartenders to make sure that they are receiving tips for the orders that they are servicing. 

Staff members can also claim orders that have been placed. This is useful for a runner workflow or for servers and bartenders that manage a specific section where the guests can place orders with the staff member or through the Bbot App. 

Staff members can assign themselves to orders from the Location Screen, Station Screen, Search Order Screen, or even the KDS Screen. This means that Staff members can easily assign specific orders to themselves without having to interrupt their established workflow.

 The Location Code Screen will allow being used by servers or food runners that are managing specific sections. This can also be a beneficial screen for bartenders as they will be able to place orders for guests at this screen

The Station Screen is best for runners that are managing their orders according to the Station where the order is prepared. For instance, they will be able to very quickly determine whether an order is waiting to be run at the Kitchen Expo, Liquor Bar, or Coffee Bar. This is also a preferred screen for food runners that service multiple vendors. 

The KDS Screen is best for bartenders as it allows them to see the orders that are placed at the bar and orders for the service bar, all at the same time.

The Search Orders Screen is best used to allow managers to retroactively assign orders to staff members or to allow staff members to retroactively transfer an order to another staff member

Tips can be easily rectified at the end of a shift by using the Tips Screen in the Terminal or by using the Tips by server report.