Onboarding Frequently Asked Questions

How long does onboarding take?

Bbot’s digital ordering system can be launched in as little as 2-7 business days from Kick-Off Call, although onboarding times may vary depending on integrations. Maintain open communication with your Implementation Specialist to keep the momentum going!

Will I have a dedicated Account Manager?

You will have a dedicated Account Manager throughout onboarding which will continue to be your main point of contact after going live with Bbot.

What’s the difference between connecting to Stripe and setting up my bank account?

There are two distinct needs for connecting these two separate accounts. Connecting a bank account or debit/credit card is to pay for Bbot fees and hardware. The Stripe account is how you will receive the funds from transactions on your ordering site.

What happens if I need more hardware devices or do not need the hardware we originally purchased?

Additional hardware can always be purchased through your Account Manager. If you’ve decided the hardware you’ve purchased before launching is no longer needed, let us know and we will guide you through the steps to return it.

What do I need for onboarding?

To start onboarding double-check you have menus finalized, internal contacts prepped (IT, Marketing, Staff), branded imagery/logos, space layout, or images for reference of guest ordering locations (table numbers, room numbers, bar seats, pick up, delivery).

Who needs to be trained on the Bbot system?

Any user at your company that will be accessing the Bbot Owner’s Portal should attend the admin training.  For staff, we recommend staff-specific training to review the terminal and best practices with this new ordering system. We recommend selecting a staff member to be a Bbot champion and function as a go-to resource for the rest of your staff.

Can settings be updated after launching? 

All settings configured during implementation are flexible! This is a great topic to discuss with your Account Manager. Their role is to partner with you to ensure the system is working well within your operations throughout your subscription.

After launching do we reach out to Bbot to update our menus or settings?

Part of onboarding is ensuring you are set up for success to own any updates needed in your Owner’s Portal post-launch. You will be provided with resources and training prior to going live, so you have everything you will need. Our Support Team is also available every day to answer any questions about functionality or the product - we are here to help!

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