Legacy - Add/Edit Required Checkout Information

You may want to require certain information from your guests at the time of checkout. For example, it may be useful to have a phone number on hand for pickup orders, in case you need to notify the guest of a change or delay. You would certainly want an address available for delivery orders, so your driver knows where to go.

Required checkout information can be set for each individual Location code under the ' Checkout' section of the location code editor. Requiring too much information can make checkout cumbersome for guests, so we recommend only using this option when necessary, particularly for location codes with patron pickup and driver delivery Fulfillment Methods.

You have the option to include any of the following checkout information fields for each Location Code:

  • Address
  • Room Number
  • Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Phone
  • Marketing Opt-In
  • Custom Field

For each of these options, you can decide how they will be labeled on the checkout page that guests interact with, as well as if and how they will appear on your KDS and tickets that staff will reference. Additionally, all of these fields can be set as either optional or required.

To get started setting checkout information requirements, navigate to the 'Tables / Location Codes' section of your Bbot Owner Panel to edit the Locations.

Once you've selected the Location Code(s) that you would like to update, scroll to the 'Checkout' section of the editor, click the dropdown menu next to 'Required Checkout Info,' and choose 'Set'

Here you will be able to add, edit, eliminate, and organize 'Required Checkout Information.' To add a new field, click the dropdown next to 'Available Fields' and select an option

You can also create a 'Custom Field' if you would like to provide your guests with the opportunity to leave delivery instructions, notes for the restaurant, or anything else you might want to include. Custom fields are also where you can include 'Custom Multi-Choice Fields.' In the 'Actions' column of a custom field, click on the pencil icon to edit the custom field further. 

Then you can select 'Custom Multi-Choice' from the dropdown and configure options for the user to select on the checkout page.

Lastly, the ' Marketing Opt In' feature is a great way to start building or add to an existing marketing outreach list. By enabling this you cover your legal bases, ensuring that you are not spamming your guests. This feature is a simple checkbox presented to guests at the time of checkout, as shown below. When it is added to Required Checkout Information, the 'Email' field will automatically be added as well.

Once you've selected the field you would like to add, you can adjust the details associated with it including the customer-facing and staff-facing field names, as well as if it will show on the KDS and/or tickets, and if it will be optional or required. If you make a mistake or would simply like to eliminate a requirement you had previously set, you can do so by choosing the blue 'minus' circle under the 'Actions' column. You can also reorganize the order in which these fields appear on the checkout page by clicking the double-arrow icon under the 'Actions' column, dragging, and dropping it into place.

Once you've made the desired changes, make sure to save!

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