Legacy- Editing Location Codes - Checkout

Follow these instructions to navigate the Bbot Owner Panel to edit your locations.

'Required Checkout Information' - Learn more here (Note: we recommend only using this option when necessary; requiring too much info makes checkout cumbersome for guests which can harm sales)

'Forced Tip' - Learn more here

'Allow Tabs' - Select 'On' if you would like to enable Contactless Tabs at this location code. This setting can also be controlled in the Terminal.

'Tabs on By Default' - Select 'On' if you would like to have the 'Start a tab' option on your checkout page toggled on by default

'Minimum pretax purchase (before tax & tip)' / 'Maximum pretax purchase (before tax & tip)' - You can toggle these settings on or off to set a minimum or maximum cart subtotal (respectively) before tax and tip. Carts that do not meet these requirements will be blocked at checkout.

Minimum total charge (incl tax & tip)' You can toggle this setting on or off and set the minimum cart grand total including tax and tip. Carts that do not meet this minimum will be blocked at checkout.

'Edit Promo Code Label' - You are able to change the text of the 'Promo Code' box at the checkout to whatever you would like to present to the guest.

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