Legacy- Editing Location Codes - Fulfillment

Follow these instructions to navigate the Bbot Owner Panel to edit your locations.

Every location code must have an associated fulfillment method.

The 'Fulfillment' drop-down menu allows you to edit the following aspects of your location:

  • Fulfillment Method: A dropdown that lets you choose how you’d like orders to be fulfilled at the selected Locations
  • Order Allowed: A toggle that allows you to disable/enable ordering at the Locations selected. Hide Shopping Cart Buttons: A toggle that allows you to disable the Shopping cart on the menu page. This will also prevent guests from ordering for the affected location codes.
  • Allow Order Ahead: A dropdown that lets you select whether you want to allow guests to be able to order ahead at the selected Location(s).
  • Message When Off: The message guests will see when they visit the location code and menus are off-hours. 
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