Legacy- Editing Location Codes - Stations

    Follow these instructions to navigate the Bbot Owner Panel to edit your locations.

    The 'Stations' drop down menu allows you to add/remove fulfillment stations, to control which stations will serve the location you are editing. 

    Each Station also service unique location codes (specific table, bar seat, area, hotel room, or pickup spot where F&B can be delivered to or picked up).

    For example, you can set the outdoor locations to be served by the kitchen and the outdoor bar. (A guest order goes to the first station that serves the location they are seated in AND the station that can fulfill the items.) 

    You should generally only have 1 bar and 1 kitchen per location.  If multiple bar stations serve the same items and the same locations, the order will go to an arbitrary one, which is probably not what you intend. Contact Bbot support if you're interested in having multiple bars serve the same locations. For example, we can configure the indoor bar to be the backup for the outdoor bar, if the outdoor bar is turned off. Or we can configure orders to go to the least-busy station. These options aren't shown in the owner portal, but can be configured on request.

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