Connecting an Upserve Account

To ensure a successful Bbot and Upserve integration, you will need to configure your Upserve account accordingly and connect the integration within your Bbot owner panel.


Configure Your Upserve Account

You must first enable the Bbot integration on your Upserve account. To do so, you must already have an active Bbot account. 

1. Contact to request that they enable the Bbot integration on the ‘Online Ordering’ page and to confirm your Upserve devices are on V3 or higher. If you are not running V3, Upserve Support can assist you with upgrading.

2. Sign in to and navigate to Settings > Online Ordering.

3. Find Bbot and click ‘Signup’ to begin setting up your integration:

  • Menu: Select which menu in Upserve you'd like to sync
  • Default Online Ordering POS: Select a device you'd like to accept Bbot orders. This should be a device that is always turned on, has a stable internet connection, and is running Upserve POS V3 or higher
  • Click 'Submit.'

4. Navigate to the menu you selected above and ensure that it is published.

5. Navigate to Settings > Integration Partners and find Bbot. Ensure that the integration is enabled by confirming that the toggle is green. Copy the Upserve credentials that are listed here; you will need these to configure the integration within the Bbot owner panel.

Your Upserve account is ready to connect to Bbot!

Connect Upserve in Bbot

1. Log in to your Bbot Owner Panel and navigate to the 'Bbot App Store' under 'Integrations'.

2. Locate the 'Upserve Orders + Menus' integration, and click the blue 'Connect Upserve' button.

3. Fill in the API information from Step 5 of configuring your Upserve account. Note: this is not the same as the username and password used to log in to Upserve.

4. Select the desired behavior settings (described below) for the integration, then click 'Connect.'

  • Inject orders into Upserve: This must be enabled for orders to inject into the Upserve POS. The following settings are only applicable if this setting is enabled.
    • If selected: Orders placed with Bbot will inject directly into the Upserve system to be fulfilled with the Upserve KDS. These orders will display 'Online Ordering - Bbot’ at the top of the ticket, both digital and physical. Bbot orders will automatically factor into Upserve accounting and will be filtered into ‘Online Ordering orders’ in Upserve reports. There is currently no way on Upserve’s side to filter by a specific online ordering partner. Please see the 'Injection Fulfillment' section below for details on injecting orders into Upserve.
    • If not selected: Upserve menus will sync and display on your Bbot ordering site. The Bbot KDS will be used to fulfill orders placed with Bbot, and the Bbot Owner Panel will be used for all reporting and accounting associated with these orders.
  • Display location info on Upserve ticket: If selected, Bbot orders will include the Bbot location code in the ‘Instructions’ field for orders in Upserve.
  • Display order number on Upserve ticket: If selected, Bbot orders will include the Bbot order number in the ‘Instructions’ field for orders in Upserve.
  • Display fulfillment method on Upserve ticket: If selected, Bbot orders will include the Bbot fulfillment method in the ‘Instructions’ field for orders in Upserve.
  • Display checkout info on Upserve ticket: If selected, Bbot orders will include all Bbot checkout info (other than name, phone number, email, and address, which are always sent to Upserve if provided) in the ‘Instructions’ field for orders in Upserve.
  • Automatically mark new orders as Accepted on Bbot KDS: If selected, orders will arrive in the Bbot KDS with a status indicating that the order is being worked on rather than a status indicating the staff has not yet accepted the order.

* If another POS integration is already connected, you will be prompted to disable that integration before enabling the Upserve integration. If there are existing menu items in Bbot, you will be prompted to delete all menu items in order to activate the integration.

Injection Fulfillment

What Will Inject:

  • Fulfillment Method: Bbot orders with the 'Driver Delivery' fulfillment method will be injected into Upserve as delivery orders. Bbot orders associated with any other fulfillment method will be injected into Upserve as carryout orders.
  • Guest Information: If supplied, patron name, phone number, email, and address will be injected into corresponding fields in Upserve and will display on the KDS and ticket.
  • Service Fees: Service fees will be injected into Upserve. 
  • Special Instructions: Special instructions will be injected into the ‘Instructions’ field that shows on the Upserve KDS and printed tickets.
  • Special Instructions per Item: These will also be injected into the ‘Instructions’ field that shows on the Upserve KDS and printed tickets.
  • Tax rats: Rates will be calculated on an individual item basis and will round in the end.
  • Side item pricing: Side items are not included in the menu item's price during the Upserve order request. The price is calculated on Upserve’s end. Bbot’s checkout screen will pull the correct price from Upserve.

What Won't Inject:

  • Discounts: Discounts cannot be injected into Upserve. If a discount is applied to an order in Bbot, it will appear as an underpayment in Upserve. To prevent this, do not set any discounts in Bbot.
  • Refunds: Refunds do not sync between Bbot and Upserve. Refunds issued for Bbot orders must also be separately issued in Upserve to keep accounting and financial reporting between the systems aligned.
  • Nested Modifiers: Upserve does not support injecting nested modifiers. If an order that contains nested modifiers is injected into Upserve, Upserve will only receive the top-level modifier. To fulfill orders that contain nested modifiers, you will need to use the Bbot KDS rather than the Upserve KDS.
  • Other: Bbot orders do not have an associated Upserve table, employee, or revenue center. It is also worth noting that if you are currently using a loyalty provider like Spendgo or Thanx, Upserve does not currently provide support for those platforms. 

When orders are injected into Upserve, closing the check will update the status of the order in Bbot and trigger Guest Notification Set that has been configured. You will need to first navigate to your open checks in Upserve and click 'Close to Bbot' on the order. You will see a pop-up showing the order total and will then show the status of the order as 'Closed'. 

Now that you have connected the Bbot x Upserve integration, you can Sync Upserve Menus to Bbot so guests can start ordering!

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