Fulfilling Service Requests in the Terminal

Once Service Requests have been enabled in the Owner Panel, guests will be able to submit a request either via the menu page or in the order status page for items such as a water refill, additional napkins, or even allowing for a custom request. 

To send a service request, a guest can click the platter icon shown above which will bring up a list of service requests the guest can send to their server.

When a service request is placed, it is possible to have it displayed in either the KDS or another handheld device. To have this turned on for your devices, please contact our support team at support@bbot.menu.

When a guest places a Service Request, a notification will populate under the dialogue bubble icon, as shown in the screenshot below. The notification will include the location code or table number to help identify which guest is needing assistance.

When you press the inbox icon, you will see a list of the Service Request messages that have come in:

When these messages first come in, they will be notated by a dot as they have not yet been acknowledged by staff. Once a staff member clicks on the message, it will mark the Service Request as acknowledged and a trash icon will appear.

Once the request has been fulfilled clear the Service Request message by clicking on the trash icon to the right of the message.