Adding Ordering Page Names in the Onboarding Portal

The first section of the Ordering Page is selecting the services your venue plans to use:

  • The above options will help when creating your location codes. This will determine the location codes and how guests will use them.
    • In-venue would be for typical server delivery
    • Pickup
    • Delivery
  • Choose Ordering Page Names:
    • This is how you determine the naming convention of locations
      • Common examples:
        • T = for tables
        • R = for rooftops
        • B = bars tables
        • P = patio tables

  • Here you'll find your existing and recently made ordering locations
    • This view allows you to see the names, URL slug codes, what fulfilment it uses, and hostname associated to it

  • Here you will select if you would like Bbot to purchase and configure a new hostname/URL or utilize your existing domains
    • Example:

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